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bloco de carnaval

Ẹdùn Ará - bloco de carnaval is a percussion, song & dance performance based project that reflects the African heritage found in Brazilian & Cuban culture. Together with One Voice Music we run workshops that culminate in a costumed parade and/or stage performance.

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ROTW 2006
Presentation for Ochun/Oxum
ROTW 2007
Presentation for Oya/Iansa
ROTW 2008
Presentation for Yemaya/Iemanja
Manchester 2008
Presentation for Oya/Iansa
ROTW 2009
Mini Bloco & parade for Oxum
Luton Carnival 2010
Presentation for Oya/Iansa
Kendal 2010 Performance
Presentation for Omolu/Babalu Aye
Kendal 2010 Rehearsals
Preparing for parade and stage show
Liverpool Carnival 2011
Edun Ara at the Brazilica Festival
Liverpool Carnival 2015
Edun Ara at the Brazilica Festival